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The association Au coeur du Siam is a humanitarian association that helps the most disadvantaged people in Thailand and in large part to orphanages, disabled children’s centers, schools, village …

Since its creation and thanks to all the collected funds, the association has been able to come to the aid of 4 Thai orphanages, of which 1 being a center of early childhood:

Tree of Life

Humanitarian donations in 2013

In the heart of Siam donated school supplies and 24,040 Baht (€ 650) to help manage the orphanage and sent one of its volunteers on site for a month to help with daily tasks and renovations. center.

Camilian Home
In the heart of Siam has been helping the Camillian Home center in the city of Lat Krabang (Bangkok region) every year since 2014.
Camilian Home is a specialized orphanage for children with physical, mental or HIV disabilities, blind people …
The association helps this very serious foundation which is recognized for its beautiful structure and the wonderful work done with the 75 children living at the center.

Humanitarian donations in 2014

A donation of 70,000 Baht, or approximately 1600 €, broken down into 4 forms:
First, 7 wheelchairs were funded. Then more than 80 Thai and English school books as well as various specialized materials for children with disabilities were purchased.
In addition, food and daily supplies (rice, shampoo, clothing …) were ordered.
Finally, the association sponsored and sponsored the children of the center by paying the equivalent of an aid for the purchase of food, medicine and various maintenance supplies for one year! In memory, a football game was organized with the children.

Humanitarian donations in 2015

In the heart of Siam donated € 4,000 (ie 147,160 baht) which allowed the association to sponsor for the year 2015 two children (Peter & Muay) for an amount of 120,000 baht. The remainder, 27,160 baht, financed various supplies, clothing, bathing suits as well as medicines.

Humanitarian donations in 2016

On site, the association helped to feed the children who can not feed themselves, which allowed to create strong emotional links with some even though most of these children are silent.
Moreover, since the association had paid pizzas to all the children and all the staff, the association was invited to the canteen to share this meal which took place in a very childish atmosphere where many laughs grimaces and braces were shared.
Wanting to do much more, the association made a donation to Camillian, valued at 48,000 baths to cover the cost of food, care and toilet for 2 children for one year.

Summary Humanitarian mission in Thailand in March 2016 in Camillian:

* Supports the cost of food, care and toilet for 2 children for one year.
48,000 bath (about 1223 €)
* Financing of a meal (pizza party) for all the children and the staff of the center.
3582 bath (about 91 €)

Total: 51,582 bath or about 1314 €

Humanitarian donations in 2017

The team made their humanitarian trip by going to the Camillian Home Center to finance new projects with this center:

– Supplies of first necessities for the center
– Medical bed for a child with multiple sclerosis

Total: 2000 €

Sarnelli House
The association went to the Sarnelli house orphanage in Nong Khai, which is an orphanage for orphaned or HIV-infected children. On the spot, In the heart of Siam was welcomed by Kate, a Canadian nurse, living in the center for 9 years.
Not to mention the welcome that the children of the center gave him, who was rich in emotion. An emotion that is usually found in reunion with a loved one that has not been seen for years. A snack was offered at the end of the presentations, and the association offered the center a large number of medical supplies, cleaning products and food and products of everyday life.

Summary of the humanitarian mission in Thailand in March 2016 in this orphanage:

* Medical supplies (gauze, bandages, cachets …)
12.215 bath (about 311 €)
* Cleaning products
3540 bath (about 90 €)
* Food and products of everyday life (toothpaste, toothbrushes …)
5979 bath (about 152 €)

Total: 21,734 bath or about 553 €

Wat Ban Nong Tao Lek
In the heart of Siam went to the Wat Ban Nong Tao Lek Early Childhood Center in UdonThani (62 children between 2 and 6 years old) which was a project organized in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security of Thailand. In order to welcome the association, the children pushed several small songs when they arrived at the center.
In addition, 3 people from the Ministry went on site to give a certificate of donation but also to thank warmly the association in person. The association has financed many school supplies, food, everyday products and paint to renovate the entrance to the canteen …

Summary of the humanitarian mission in Thailand in March 2016 in this center:

* 5 liters of cleaner “Magic clean”
* Soap, toothbrushes, toothpastes, anti-mosquito products …
* Taste, sweets …
* Colored pencils, pencils, erasers, pens …
* Notebooks
5242 bath (about 134 €)

* Painting to renovate the entrance to the canteen
2124 bath (about 54 €)

* Stamps (animals, numbers …), incrants, games and mailing.
4833 bath (about 123 €)

Total: 12,199 bath is about 311 €


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In addition, the association was able to help 3 Thai schools and a village in the Issan region:

Ban Nong Khian Village (Phu Sing)
The Siamese Heart Association has been helping Ban Nong Khian village several times (2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015)

2012: Donation of school supplies, clothing and toys

2013: Donation of school supplies, clothes and toys

2014: She offered a jersey on behalf of the association and football shorts to 52 villagers playing football to have their own identity and team in tournaments against other villages.
The colors blue, white, red representing those of France and Thailand.
Then she financed a school kit and sports equipment to the children of the village (more than 60).
Finally, a machine (an air compressor) and mechanical supplies were offered to a disabled villager (paralyzed with one leg) so that he could continue to work his passion for mechanics with good equipment.
All these donations represent a total amount of 50,930 Baht or more than 1,160 €.
Finally, a football game was organized.

2015: In the heart of Siam donated a jersey on behalf of the association and football shorts to all villagers.
Then she financed sports equipment for the children of the village (more than 60).
Finally, Au Coeur du Siam has funded a water pump to supply several homes with water from the river.
All these donations represent a total amount of € 1,000 (36,890 baht).

School Ban Houa Naa
In the heart of Siam came to the Ban Houa Naa school in April 2013, located in the province of Surin.
The association donated school supplies and 50,000 Baht (€ 1,350) to help rebuild the school

Ubon Panya Nukul School
In the heart of Siam has made a humanitarian donation in the city of Ubon Ratchathani, located in the north-east of Thailand.
She helped Ubon Panya Nukul, a school specializing in mentally handicapped, trisomic and orphaned children.
She offered sports shorts and clothing for every student (358 in total of any age), as well as specialized equipment and medications …
Donations for a total amount of 115,000 Baht or about 2,750 €.
In addition, a fun day was organized around a football tournament.

Ban Nong Phan Tha School
The association traveled twice to Ban Nong Phan Tha School in Bueng Kan (2016 and 2017), a city in northeastern Thailand.
On site, In the heart of Siam was warmly greeted at the airport, by Professor Wacharaporn Marcoux of the school as well as her husband “Chris”.
The association had the chance to count on their kindness both years, which allowed, among other things, to accompany the association in all its trips planned for its humanitarian missions in Thailand but also to enjoy their vehicle and be able to so easily buy all the equipment and supplies needed for the fulfillment of all humanitarian projects.

Summary of the humanitarian mission in Thailand in March 2016 in this kindergarten-primary school of 186 students:

* Total responsibility for the demolition of an old school building, out of order.
50,000 bath (about 1274 €)
* 2 computers 2 in 1 (tower and screen) and 3 computers with screens and separate units.
57,050 bath (about 1454 €)
* Installation of programs (office …)
1000 bath (about 25 €)
* 10 keyboards
1400 bath (about 36 €)
* 15 mice
1950 bath (about 51 €)
* 15 mouse mats
450 bath (about 11 €)
* 1 color printer
3600 bath (about 92 €)
* Repair of old printers
2400 bath (about 61 €)
* 2 pc speakers
1580 bath (about 40 €)
* 12 fans for ceiling
8520 bath (about 217 €)
* Musical instruments
16540 bath (about 421 €)
* Gardening tools (shovels, hoes …)
4595 bath (about 117 €)
Total: 149.085 bath or about 3799 €

Summary of the humanitarian mission in Thailand in 2017 in this kindergarten-primary school of 186 students:

The association offered them the reconstruction of part of the school (toilets, showers …) as well as school and sports supplies. In tribute to the association, the school called “Au Coeur du Siam”, with a sign, each room of the rebuilt establishment.

Total: 5000 €


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