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Thailand and Thai culture

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Thailand, a bit of history …

Thailand is a kingdom of Southeast Asia, the border of Malaysia, Burma, Laos and Cambodia.

Formerly called Kingdom of Siam, Thailand has taken this new name since 1939.

He is one of the few Asian countries to have ever been colonized and is a member of ASEAN.


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Thailand in numbers:

-51e country in order of area (514 000 km2)
-21nd most populous country in the world
-68,299,099 inhabitants
-75% of the population are of Thai ethnicity
-Buddhism is practiced by about 95% of Thais
-20 coups that have been attempted or achieved by the Thai armed forces

When to go to Thailand:
There are three seasons in Thailand:
The dry season: March-May
The rainy season: June-October
The cool season: November-February

The best climate to go to Thailand runs from November to February.

Thailand in videos: