Benefits of volunteering in Thailand

Everyone has heard of volunteering while traveling. It must be said that being able to help on the other side of the world is both an enriching and volunteering experience. It is a great experience, no matter what the outcome. Thailand is an ideal destination for volunteering because of the warm welcome of its inhabitants and its pleasant climate all year round. Why not try volunteering in Thailand?

Here are four reasons why you should:

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1/ Improve your personal development

When we travel, we often stay in the usual tourist pattern. That is to say, we visit, we taste and we discover the country while having a kind of veil on reality.

Volunteering can help to get out of this protective bubble of tourism. We join the locals for a few weeks intense in emotions. We discover the culture without filter and it allows us to feel more intensely the things we live and discover. We learn a lot about ourselves.

And inevitably, it helps us to gain confidence in ourselves. By helping, we realize that we can be useful on the other side of the world. We learn to put into perspective what surrounds us and to appreciate more what we have at home.

2/ Learning languages

We won’t lie to ourselves. Thai is a very difficult language to learn. Even if you stay a few weeks in a volunteer project, it will be almost impossible for you to string together a few coherent sentences.

However, volunteering in Thailand can allow you to learn the basics of Thai, but also to improve your English. Yes, you can’t volunteer on the other side of the world without being able to communicate with the people in the program.

English is the most commonly spoken language in Thailand for volunteering. You will be able to practice English during the whole duration of your volunteering and it will be a good way to improve your skills.

Benefits volunteering

3/ Developing your skills

Volunteering in Thailand means discovering new skills. Some projects require prior qualifications, but you will see that no matter what your profile is, you will be asked to do new things. It is an opportunity to test your ability to adapt in a foreign country.

Often you will be taught the basics of what you need to do. You will leave with a sense of accomplishment. In fact, it is not uncommon for us to come home with a new business idea.

Many people feel so fulfilled during their volunteering that they decide to change their life. So be careful… you too may come home transformed!

4/ Helping and changing the world

There is nothing more satisfying than being useful. While volunteering in Thailand, you will help to improve the life of the inhabitants in a human, participative and solidarity project.

You will be bathed in benevolence and your emotions will be increased tenfold. The people you will help will be eternally grateful to you. And you will share with them privileged and unforgettable moments.

Give yourself the personal satisfaction of making a positive difference in the world. Leave your routine and dull life behind and realize that, at your level, you can create something positive and change things.

Because yes, our daily lives as French people are often negative. And it is good to remember that it is the way we perceive things and the way we bring solutions that make our glass half full or half empty.

Volunteering in Thailand will be one of the best experiences of your life. It’s not just taking a vacation on the other side of the world where you’ll be working. On the contrary!

It is above all a human adventure that will make you grow and that will help the Thai people. You will come out of this experience more alive than when you arrived, with a lot of ideas on how to improve your life to bring this kindness back home. You will keep in touch with the people you meet. You will really get to know Thailand and you will be proud to have contributed to a project that is bigger than yourself.

Join the many travelers who have decided to try volunteering in Thailand by contacting the association Au Coeur du Siam to organize your volunteering.