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French Culture

One of the missions of the association Au coeur du Siam is to promote French culture in Thailand so that people can discover this rich culture.

Indeed, when we travel to Thailand to realize our humanitarian projects, we offer children on site to participate in fun and cultural activities such as:
-Culinary workshop
-Initiation sports
-Initiation to the language …

Event around the French culture

Since the creation of the association, we have created many events around the French culture in Thailand such as:
-Culinary workshops for children from Tree of Life orphanage in Buriram
The children of the center were introduced to the making of pancakes, French cake.
-Cultural workshops around French history and geography in the same center of Buriram.
Sports workshops at Ban Houa Naa School in Surin and Ubon Panya Nukul School in Ubon Ratchathani.

Participate in French culture events

Would you like to participate in our events around the French culture in Thailand?
First, feel free to visit our page on volunteer in Thailand .
Then, if you’re really interested and available, feel free to contact us to discuss.

Conditions to participate

The conditions to participate in the events of the French culture in Thailand are:
-Become a member of the association Au coeur du Siam (free membership)
-Be available a minimum of one month
-Have a sufficient level of English (It is not necessary to be bilingual)
-Have experiences with children (Professional or personal)

Make a donation

You want to participate in these events but unfortunately you do not have time.
We suggest you make a donation for an activity of your choice that will be put in place and we will send you photos and videos to show you that your gesture could have been beneficial for the children who will participate in your activity.
To support us, simply make a donation here.

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