Our Partners

The association Au coeur du Siam has created various partnerships in its region around the Thai culture.
Its partners also help in the creation of events around Thailand.
But also, by giving him donations for his annual lotto for example.

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What does partnership mean?

A partnership is an association between different people or structures.

Each of them keeping their autonomy but agreeing to work together to achieve a common goal.


How to become our partner?

To become one of our partners, simply contact us by email or simply call us.

We will discuss together the possible possibility of founding a partnership to find a common goal.

List of our partners

You will find below the list of our partners, who follow us almost since the creation of the association.

A big thank you to them for their support every year!

Partenaire Arom Dee

Arom dee

Thai massage salon in Toulouse
Traditional Thai massage, with oils, herbs…

Partenaire Nakitail Fighting

Nakitail Fighting

MUAY THAI Club and related disciplines: Thai boxing, Thai boxing, Maï Muay Thai, Muay Boran.

Partenaire Phasa Thai

Phasa Thai

Discover the Thai language, whose roots are lost in the Sukhothai Kingdom.

Partenaire Arasia Shop


Online sale of handicrafts imported from Asia. Quality products at low prices.