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One of the missions of the association Au coeur du Siam is to promote Thai culture in France so that people can discover this rich Thai culture.

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Thai culture during our discovery days

For this, we set up with the help of our partners, days dedicated to the discovery of Thai culture through various fun workshops and demonstrations such as:

Culinary workshop and meals to share | Demonstration of Muay Thai | Initiation to Thai massage | Learning Thai language | Thai dance show

Thaï Language

Thai Language

The Thai language, formerly called the Siamese, is the official language of Thailand. It has about 60 million speakers. Thai is a language with very simple grammar as it does not use plural …

Thai Massage

Thai Massage

More than 2500 years old, Traditional Thai Massage is also called Nouat Boran in Thai language. This relaxation massage has its origins in Shiatsu, Taoist massage, Indian Ayurvedic massage, and Yoga …

Thai Boxing

Thai Boxing

Thai boxing or muay-thai, is a combat sport that was created at the base for the Thai military. It is classified in the West as one of the most complete fist boxes. Thai boxing has its origins in muay boran…

Thai Dance

Thai Dance

Traditional Thai dance is both graceful and elegant and takes many different forms. Different types of dance costumes and more, here is a brief history and the basics of Thai traditional dance …

Thai Culture

Our Partners of Thai Culture

If you are interested in taking Thai language classes, Thai boxing classes or just enjoying a Thai Massage in Toulouse, we invite you to visit our partners page..

How to participate in Thai culture events?

Would you like to participate in our events around Thai culture in France?

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it directly or to send us a request by email.

Discovery Thai Culture
Discovery Thailand

What are the conditions to participate?

The conditions for participating in Thai culture events in France are:

-To become a partner or volunteer member of the association Au coeur du Siam (free membership)
-Be available
-Have a good relationship
-Have experiences in the field of events (Not mandatory but would be a +)

You want to create a Thai event to support us

You are an association or just a group of people who want to help us.

Do not hesitate to ask us for any organization of events around Thai culture.

Discovery day

Make a donation to promote Thai culture

You would like to participate in an event but time is stopping you.

We suggest you make a donation for an event of your choice that we will put in place and we will send you photos and videos to show you that your gesture could be beneficial.

To support us, simply make a donation below.