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Thai language

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The Thai language, formerly known as the Siamese, is the official language of Thailand and has about 60 million speakers. Thai is a language with very simple grammar because it does not use plural, masculine / feminine and does not have any conjugation …

The biggest difficulty of this language is that it does not have a Latin alphabet and that it exists within this language, 5 different tones for its pronunciation (neutral, amount, descending, high and low).


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Thai dialects

In Thailand, although Thai is the official language and spoken by everyone, there are many Thai dialects, the main ones being:

-The Thai issan

The Thai issan is from the northeastern region of Thailand (region Nissan). It is a dialect very close to Lao. It is also called lao-thai. It has about 6 million speakers, which represents about 10% of Thais.

-Le Thaï du nord

Le Thaï du nord, aussi appelé Lanna parlé par les Thaïlandais, plus précisément dans les régions de l’ancien royaume de Lanna, c’est à dire les régions de Chang Maï et Chang Raï.

-The Pak Thai

The Pak Tai which simply means Thai from the South has about 5 million speakers. It is spoken in southern Thailand from Chumphon.

Thai vocabulary


Hello Sawat dee
How are you? Koun sabai dee mai?
I’m fine Sabai dee
What’s your name? Koun cheu arai?
My name is Pome cheu
How old are you? Koon ayou taoraille?
I understand Kaodjai
I don’t understand Mai kaodjai


Thai courtesy

At the end of each sentence, you will have to add the politeness formula in Thai “Kra” or “khrap” according to your gender.
If you are a woman you will have to add “kha” and if you are a man, the courtesy « khrap »



Learn Thai in Toulouse

If you want to learn Thai in Toulouse </ strong>, we recommend one of our partners, Phasa Thai , whose courses take place on the website of the French Alliance, place du capitole.

For more information please contact us or contact Phasa Thai .


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