Lotto 2018 Tournefeuille

loto tournefeuille

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Giant lotto of the association Au Coeur du Siam on SATURDAY 17 FEBRUARY at 20.45 in Tournefeuille! Room LE PHARE (32 Route of Tarbes)
Doors open at 18:45, games start at 20:45! We advise you to arrive as soon as possible as possible to book. Bank Cards and cash accepted! Checks refused. The first 150 arrived women will be offered a rose! Non-smoking room.

More than 34.000 € of lots for one of the biggest lotos of France !!!

32 quines, 11 doubles-quines and 11 full boxes divided into 13 themed parties, 1 special car part and 2 raffles for 69 minimum winners!

~ 1 new car Skoda Citigo 4 years warranty *

~ 1 trip to Thailand for 2 people or a check trip to TUI Nouvelles Frontières Tournefeuille

~ € 3,000 vouchers

~ Weekends in France

~ Washing machine, fridge-freezer, dishwasher, vacuum cleaners

~ Nespresso coffee maker, microwave, four, plancha, multifunction robot, small appliances …

Video projectors, sound bars, headphones, multimedia, local products, hams, ducks, wine …

~ Good gifts relaxation, discovery, well-being, leisures, restaurants …

Lotto rates (per person):
– 10 € the board of 3 boxes
– 20 € the board of 8 boxes

Car Part Rates (per person):
– 15 € the board of 6 boxes
– 20 € per board of 12 boxes

Bowl / pastry:
– ham and ham ham sandwiches
– Paninis 3 cheese and Halal chicken
– Kebab Halal
– Sugar pancakes
– Paninis Nutella
– Candy
– Beverages / beer / coffee / water

* Non-contractual photo. The costs of registration, entry into the road and insurance remain the responsibility of the winner. Loto complies with the laws of traditional lotto. Non-exchangeable and non-refundable lots. Playing included risks: debt, dependency … Call 09-74-75-13-13 (call not surcharged)

On how you have come to be one of the biggest lotos in value since 2014, it’s for several reasons. First of all, you have to know who works all the year for that, intensively and daily the last 6 months before the lottery. We can not maximize the participation of all donors who work more or less in the organization of our events and projects. Plus, on choosing to take calculated financial risks to try to have the lot more attractive on the car than the result of the latter represents our annual budget. It is thanks to this that we can achieve a maximum of humanitarian and social projects throughout the year with sick children, disabled, orphans … in France and Thailand. There is more fun to spend a good evening and try to win beautiful prizes while doing a good action!

The profits of this lot are used by the association Au coeur du Siam to carry out its humanitarian and social projects 2018.

In 2017, we were able to donate € 11,000 in France and Thailand. In 2018, we continue on our guideline of helping children and those who are sick, orphan and disabled. Thus, we help various organizations (handicapped center, orphanages, schools …) in Thailand as well as recognized associations of general interest or public utility in France who have similar projects to ours.