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Classical Thai dance is both graceful and beautiful and takes on many different forms. There are several dance models with very different costumes …

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Thai Dance, a bit story…

The Thai Dance is a series of graceful body movements and a representation of elaborate costumes and traditional music.

There are six different types of Thai dance: khon, li-khe, ramwong, shadow theater, lakhon lek and lakhon. One of the most distinctive aspects of this Thai art form is the costumes worn by the performers.

The Dance of Ram Wong

The dance of Ram Wong is one of the most popular traditional dances in Thailand. It is a dance that is practiced in a circle as its name indicates.

The Dance of Khon

Traditional Khon Thai dance is performed with a masked face. Formerly, it was only practiced by the royal family.

Today, it is also played outside the royal court, but it is still considered one of the highest forms of art in Thailand.

Most dancers are men and play different types of characters such as demons, monkeys …