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Au coeur du Siam offers various volunteer missions whether in France to carry out Charity projects in Thailand or directly to act in our projects in Thailand.

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What does Volunteer mean?

Become a Volunteer is an act of generosity in which the volunteer occupies a place in society, complementary and not competitive with paid work.
It contributes to existing organizations, free of charge according to its availability …
Volunteering is first and foremost a voluntary choice whose motives can be very diverse: to be useful to society, to occupy one’s free time, to socialize, to acquire a skill …
In addition, it is accessible to anyone regardless of gender, age …
But also, is realized in an ethical and charity approach.
Because it promotes initiative, creativity and the spirit of responsibility as well as integration and social participation.

Volunteer Thai
Volunteer Thailand

To be a volunteer at Au cœur du Siam

In order to join the association Au coeur du Siam, you will not be asked for any membership fees provided that you become an active volunteer member.

You will have no obligation as an active volunteer, both in terms of volunteer time devoted to our missions and projects, as well as in terms of the duration of your commitment to the association.

Volunteer Missions atAu cœur du Siam

The missions of the volunteers will be diverse according to the capacities and the schedule of each one.
Any type of profile is likely to interest us and help us in our associative activities.

Whether you are free only once a week, whether you are retired, a student, or any other trades, your help will be welcome.

Volunteer Thailand missions

Volunteer Missions Thailand

We currently have two volunteer assignments for those who wish to volunteer in Thailand.

-The first volunteer mission would be to join a center in Thaïlande.

-The first volunteer mission would be to join a center in Bangkok.
On site, we educate children to art, music and English.
-The second volunteer mission would be to attend a MJC in northeastern Thailand.
You will be asked to set up fun and educational activities for children.
In addition, you will be in charge of giving English classes in a school near the MJC.

Missions Volunteers

Conditions abour Volunteer Missions

-Adherate to the association (free membership)
-Have a level of English B1 for the 1st mission but only a level of school for the 2nd
-Have an experience with children (Professional or personal)
– Be available 3 months minimum for the 1st and from 2 months for the 2nd.