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Thai Massage is a Thai ancestral art. Allowing deep relaxation provided that it is practiced by trained and graduated people.

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Thai Massage, a bit story…

More than 2500 years old, the Traditional Thai Massage, called Nouat Boran Thai language, from Thailand, which originates from Shiatsu, Taoist massage, Indian Ayurvedic massage, and Yoga.

And yet, by his philosophy, the Thai massage looks just like itself.
It has the particularity of being able to connect the one who receives it, like the one who gives it.
He was rocked by Buddhism since its creation.

In fact, it originated in India whose founding father was Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha.
Passed from monk to pupil, it was King Rama III who, in 1830, definitively took Nuad Boran out of the shadows by creating Wat Po School.

Thai Massage

What are the benefits of Thai massage?

Thai massage is a relaxing massage but is also used in Thailand for its therapeutic virtues.
It is a massage that soothes and balances body and mind.
Thanks to the stretches practiced by the practitioner, it improves the flexibility of the person who receives it and it also allows the muscles to relax and get rid of nervous tension.
It also helps to reduce anxiety and improves the psychological state of the person massaged.

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What are Thai massage techniques?

The Thai massage is one of the most complete massages because it does not focus only on one part of the body but really acts on the whole body.
A full session will take about two hours and will be spent on a futon or tatami mats.
In addition, the person receiving it will be dressed in a t-shirt and soft Thai pants.
The movements and stretches are practiced with the thumbs, elbows, knees and feet.
This massage is more or less a “given yoga”.

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